J300 Anti-Mite Vacuum Cleaner

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Innovative Dual-Cup Design

Effective filtration of airborne dust and mites

Advanced Mite Sensor

Calculating dust mites in real time

12000 Times/Min

Strong vibration with metal brushroll

13KPa Strong Suction

500W power makes cleaning deeper

UV & Ultrasonic Tech

Removing 99.9% of mites

55℃ Hot Air

Dehumidifying sheets & reducing mite activity

Is Your Mattress Really Clean?

Mites are everywhere threatening people’s health. Studies have shown that dust mites are a strong allergen that can cause skin allergies, lung asthma, allergic rhinitis, acne, etc.

Dual-Cup Design

Outstanding Filtration, Enduring Suction

Dual Cups

High filtration efficiency
No dust accumulation on the filter
Long-lastitng, powerful suction

Single Cup

Low filtration efficiency
Clogged filter
Reduced suction power

Smart Mite Sensor, Smart Display

The intelligent sensor accurately detects dust mites, presenting a precise dust mite index and cleaning status, revolutionizing your cleaning routine.

Metal Brushroll Offers Strong Vibration

The metal brushroll with flexible silicone strips taps fast and hard at 12,000 times per minute, easily removing deep-seated dirt without harming fabrics.

205mm Wide Suction

The 205mm suction inlet makes it effortless and time-saving to clean big furniture.

13KPa Strong Suction

With 500W motor power and 13KPa suction, it effortlessly removes dust and mites deep in the mattress for deeper and more efficient cleaning.

UV Lamp Eliminates 99.9% of Mites

The UV-C LED lamp with a 235.7mm UV wavelength effortlessly eradicates mite cells and eliminates 99.9% of mites and bacteria lurking within your mattress, ensuring a pristine and hygienic sleeping environment.

Ultrasonic Tech

Ultrasonic waves disrupt mite nervous systems, halting their reproductive cycle and providing an effective solution against mite infestations.

4 Steps to Enhance Mite Removal

It combines brushroll tapping, UV disinfection, ultrasonic mite removal, heating and dehumidification for unparalleled allergen elimination.

55℃ Hot Air

The J300 blows 55℃ hot air to reduce mite activity and dehumidify your mattress.

Easy to Detach and Clean

Click to unlock dust cups.

Open the cap and take out the filter and sponge.

Unlock the bottom plate and take out the brushroll.

Clean up the filter part and brushroll.

Versatile Mite Cleaner








Rated Voltage

US - 120V, 60Hz
EU - 220V-240V, 50/60Hz

Rated Current


Rated Power