T600 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

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Jigoo T600 Bed Mattress Vacuum Cleaner


Dual Cup

Separation Design

Real-Time Display

Of Dust Mite Level


Powerful Dust Mite Removal


Mite Removal System

Constant 60°C

Rapid Heating in 5 Seconds

Metal Brush Roller

Effective and Powerful Tapping

Separate Dust & Filter Cups

Ensure sufficient filtration of dust mites, fine dust, and tiny particles with no clogs.

Exclusive Aroma-Diffused Mite Removal System

Sufficiently prevent dust mites from breeding through the incorporation of unique aroma and rapid diffusion technology.

Mite Removal at a Glance

The display clearly shows you the mite level of your mattress, in real time.

Heating Within Seconds

It reaches a constant 60℃ temperature in a mere 5s, eliminating dust mites deep into your bedding.

800mW UV Light, Powerful & Safe

It disrupts the protein structures of bacteria and mites while efficiently removing unpleasant odors.

Cut Dust Mite Density by 99.99%

High-frequency ultrasonic waves can disrupt the dust mite reproductive cycle.

Low-Noise Cleaning

Achieve 72dB low noise level despite its 700W high power, thanks to the sound-absorbing materials.

High Power, Strong Tapping

Effectively get rid of dust mites with its 700W power, strong 15kPa suction, and unique metal brush roller.

Clean Up in Minutes

Swiftly remove at least 99.99% of dust mites in larger beds.

Easy to Clean

The filter and dust cup are both detachable and washable for the easiest maintenance.

Multiple Purposes








Rated Voltage

US - 120V, 60Hz
EU - 220V-240V, 50/60Hz

Rated Power


Brush Roller Material