S300 Pro Anti-Mite Vacuum Cleaner

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Smart Dual-Cup Mite Cleaner

Original Dual Cups

Dust Mite Sensor

Metal Brushroll

13KPa Suction

UV Light & Ultrasonic Tech

Multi-Directional Heating

Harm of Dust Mites

Mites, pollen, hair, dander, bacteria and other allergens can be easily found in 'clean' beds and sofas. According to the JIGOO lab, there are more than 13000 dust mites in 1g bed dust.

Original Dual Cups

S300 Pro contains 2 cups with one for filtration and another for storing dust, effectively avoiding filter clogging and achieving better air filtration.

Smart Dust Mite Sensor

The intelligent sensor can calculate the dust mites in the environment with high precision, helping you to clean in a smart way.

Innovative Brushroll

The brushroll consists of a metal body and silicone strips, delivering fast and strong tapping and well protecting mattress surface.

230mm Wide Suction

With a 230mm suction inlet, it lets you clean up an 180cm bed by moving the machine back and forth just 8 times, making it effortless and time-saving to clean big furniture.

Powerful Motor

The S300 Pro vacuum features 500W power and 13KPa suction, providing you with deep and efficient cleaning.

UV Lamp Kills Mites Effectively

The UV-C LED lamp features 253.7mm UV wavelength that can destroy mite cells and kill 99.9% mites and bacteria deep in the mattress.

Ultrasonic Sterilization

The ultrasonic waves interfere with the nervous system of mites and effectively stop the reproduction of mites.

Multitasking Cleaner

S300 Pro is capable of multitasking for a more thorough cleaing, including patting by the metal brushroll, sterilizing by the UV light, repelling dust mites by ultrasound and drying mattresses by heat.

Multi-Directional Heating

S300 Pro can heat to 55℃ to kill mites and dehumidify your mattress. The multi-directional heating design makes cleaning deeper and more thorough.

One Machine for Multiple Uses

Easy to Remove and Clean

1. Click to unlock dust cups and open the cap

2. Take the filter out and wash it.

3. Rotate the knob to unlock the cover
and take the brushroll out.



JIGOO S300 Pro





Rated Voltage

US - 120V, 60Hz
EU - 220V-240V, 50/60Hz

Rated Current


Rated Power