C300 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Jigoo C300

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


400W & 30KPa

Powerful motor for strong suction

Composite Brushroll

Smooth cleaning on various surfaces

Multi-Cone Cyclone Filter

5-stage filtration without clogging

45min Long Runtime

Removable high-capacity battery

Multiple Brushes

Cleaning the entire house with ease

Smart Touch Screen

Easy battery checking and mode switching

30KPa Super Suction

It has a powerful 400W motor that generates a 30KPa suction for highly effective and thorough cleaning of your floors.

Longer Runtime for Larger Spaces

Clean more spaces at a time with a removable, high-capacity battery that lasts up to 45 minutes and is a breeze to maintain.

One Touch, Switching Fast

The smart LED screen allows for easy track of the battery level and quick switching between different modes with a single touch.

Removing 99.99% of Allergens

The multi-cone cyclone filter effectively separates allergens in the air without blocking the air duct and avoiding suction loss.

Versatile Brushroll Fits Various Surfaces

The brushroll features v-shaped strips that smoothly pick up hairs without tangling and combine soft and hard bristles for efficient cleaning on various surfaces.

Flexible Tube Leaves No Corners

With a flexible rotating mechanism, it can effortlessly reach every corner for a thorough cleaning.

LED Illumination, Easy Observation

The LED light located at the front of the brushroll illuminates the floor, leaving no place for dirt to hide.

Clean the Entire House with One Machine









Brushless Motor

Rated Power


Rated Voltage

DC 25.9V